A Polytheist Gathering for the Pacific Northwest

Hail and welcome!

Many Gods West is a gathering of polytheist peers to support the growth and practice of Polytheism. Following our third year in 2017, we have decided to take a hiatus in 2018.

Many Gods West has been such a success. As the only polytheist specific conference on the west coast, we have seen a community rise around the event, drawing people from across the country. It has been a great joy to offer this community hospitality over the last three years, to celebrate the gods together, and to grow our practices.

After much consideration, reflection, and divination we have decided to take a hiatus for 2018. In order to be sustainable we need to take some time to build a solid foundation for the event and to strategize the best way to move forward in this challenging and shifting economic and social climate.

We’re not going away! We will be working hard to develop a long term vision, find a dedicated staff of volunteers, and incorporate Many Gods West as a nonprofit. If you get excited about strategy and planning meetings, or have experience serving on a board or committee, or have other skills that would be helpful during this process, please contact us!

We will see you again in 2019!

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Olympia, Washington

Olympia, the capital of Washington state, is a rather pleasant place, has regular public transit, one of the most eclectic colleges on the West Coast (Evergreen State College), and is a fascinating mix of punk, urban gardeners, and politicians.

It’s 60 miles from Seattle, 112 miles from Portland, Oregon, and is easily accessible from either place. It’s also located at the southernmost edge of the Puget Sound, part of the Salish Sea.