Inclusion and Purpose

What’s a Polytheist?

For the purposes of this conference, we’re defining Polytheism as the acknowledgement, experience, and worship of many different gods and spirits–thus the title of the conference! Also, we specifically embrace the reverence of spirits of land and ancestors.

Deciding precisely what qualifies as Polytheism is not our goal; however, for guidelines, we suggest consideration of the following:

–If you think the gods are ‘only’ myths or subconscious archetypes, you may have trouble understanding most of the other folks who attend and present.  If you’d still like to attend, you’re certainly welcome to, but we fear you may feel a little left out.
–If you believe there’s only One God or no gods at all, you’re probably looking for a different conference?

–Monism (the belief that all gods are actually part of one Divine Source) and Duo-theism (the belief that there are only two gods with many faces/names) are quite contentious issues!  While we certainly encourage debate, if one of those aforementioned theologies are a “fundamental truth” for you, please be respectful of others who find these ideas contrary to their experiences and potentially colonialist.

Inclusion and Discrimination

Many Gods West is intended as a safe, welcoming, and convivial forum for polytheists to share knowledge, practices, rituals, and other learning experiences with each other.

While we realize there are many different iterations of polytheistic practice, certain things run contrary to the spirit of what we’re doing, as well as against many of the gods we worship.

Racialized ideologies, gender essentialism, and anything potentially abusive to sexual or racial minorities are not only unwelcome, but prohibited.

While we certainly encourage freedom of expression and differences of opinion, racism, sexism, homophobia, and anything else which endangers or belittles people according to their identity doesn’t belong here.

We try to actively support inclusivity as a part of hospitality. To this end, our name badges include a place for people to write in their pronouns, and we use color communication badges to easily communicate attendees’ communication preferences. Service animals are welcome in the conference space (pets are not however, to accommodate those with allergies and other concerns). We have trained counselors available to support any issues that arise, and structure the conference to allow plenty of time for socializing or private decompressing.