Previous Programming

This is a sampling of workshops and rituals offered at Many Gods West in previous years. It is not a complete list, but it is representative of the types of programming we have hosted in the past. We love hosting new and experienced presenters and are open to a wide variety of topics that are of interest to polytheists.

An Autistic Experience of Polytheism Sean Donahue

Sigils in Motion: Sacred Movement Laura Tempest Zakroff

Discrimination is Spiritual Injury: A Greco-Phrygian Healing Rite Sophia Burns

Loving God, Becoming God: Three Tales of Apotheosis Silence Maestas

Multi-traditional Practice Willow Moon

River Gods West: Antinoan Devotions to Cascadian River Deities The Ekklesia Antinoou

How the Land Informs Our Arte Corinne Boyer

Ritual Co-Creation for Polytheists Emily Carlin, Raye Schwarz

Gnostic Polytheism and Animism Sara Star

Confronting Fascism Alley Valkyrie, Ryan Smith

Cutting through the Fog Anthony Rella

Travels Among the Yezidis John Murphy

Slavic Folk Belief Gordana Kokich

Anonymous Spirits L Phaedrus

Heathen Cosmology Heimlich A. Laguz

Kalends Ritual Vidicus Brigantici Filius

Preparing the Way of the Gods John Beckett

Calling to Ancestors Sarenth Odinsson

Wiccans are Polytheist, Too Jason Mankey

Feri and the Mighty Dead Anaar Niino

Reweaving the Fabric of Connection (Ritual to the Matronae) River Devora, Rynn Fox