Submit a Proposal

Many Gods West invites proposals for ninety-minute sessions during the conference. We also invite proposals for hospitality suites and affinity spaces, and shrine and temple spaces.

Please read the Many Gods West Purpose and Inclusivity statements before proposing!

Any proposal which does not respect these statements will not be considered, and any event which violates these terms or the community will be canceled or interrupted at our discretion.

Individuals or groups, both experienced and new to presenting, are encouraged to submit proposals on any topic or theme relating to the broad category of theology and practice known as “polytheism.”

To propose a session, please complete this form.

Deadline for Submissions is March 1st, 2017.


Please limit yourself to TWO proposals for sessions to help us accommodate the great variety of individuals, groups, and events that would like to present.

*Unfortunately, Many Gods West is still too young to be able to offer a stipend or comp registration fees for presenters. If the cost of registration would prevent you from attending, please let us know and you will be considered for any scholarships.

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