What We’re Looking For

Many Gods West is looking for discussions, panels, or lecture-style presentations in the following areas:

  • Particular deities, pantheons, or indigenous and other cultural practices related to polytheisms.
  • The history of polytheism in relation to specific topics.
  • Ethical or theological issues within polytheism. For example: sexual ethics, metaphysics, philosophy, mysticism, environmentalism, animal sacrifice, cultural appropriation, syncretism, economic and governmental issues and  polytheist religions, mental and physical health and polytheism, etc.
  • Different varieties of divine beings apart from deities (e.g. land spirits, ancestors, heroes, daimones and angeloi, elementals, deified abstracts, egregores, etc.).
  • New deities, new traditions, new practices which fall within a polytheistic outlook.
  • Polytheistic elements in other religious traditions and cultures (e.g. Shinto, Hinduism, etc.).

Also, practical workshops and presentations on specific areas of polytheist practice, including:

  • Shrine-building,
  • Daily practice,
  • Prayer and meditation,
  • Writing and research,
  • Pilgrimages,
  • Magical and/or divination techniques,
  • Festival and ritual planning and organization.
  • Making or consecrating ritual items that may be of use to polytheists.
  • Devotional rituals in particular traditions or for particular deities.
  • General or group divinatory sessions (note:  individual divinatory sessions with experienced diviners should be scheduled with them during the conference itself).

And finally,

  • Short dramatic, dance, or musical performances that are devotional and polytheistic in nature and content.
  • Any other presentation, activity, or session that would fall within the broad categories of polytheism, animism, and indigenous spiritual practices.

As well as,

  • Hospitality suites
  • Individual Shrines and Temple spaces
    We would love to see more of these types of spaces at the conference! Please submit your idea as a proposal.

Proposals are now open. Go here to submit your proposal!