Strengthening Community, Networks of Mutual Aid: a panel and breakout session

This session will invite a panel of activists and representatives from various PNW locations and marginalized communities to speak briefly on the threats, needs, and strengths in their communities. Each panelist will then facilitate a group to discuss these topics in greater depth and to network. We will then reconvene to share with everyone present. This will be a two hour session immediately following the opening ritual.

Nathaniel Johnstone in Concert

Singer/Songwriter Nathaniel Johnstone tells stories and sings songs inspired by myth and folklore. And cats.

This performance is free and open to the public. Bring your friends and hang out with us!

Mni Wiconi Panel & Poetry

Olympia Witches March organizer and author Lennée Reid joins a native panel of activists who will open in traditional song and prayer. We will speak about Mni Wiconi and how everyone is indigenous, as well as our experiences at Standing Rock. After the panel and Q&A Lennée will close out our time with some powerful witchy performance poetry from her new book “Universal State of Mind” and album “The Second Coming of Matriarchy”.

Earth-Feather Sovereign, Olivia Hart, Eva Grace Ingram, Dakota Case

Earth-Feather Sovereign represents the Indigenous Women’s Warrior Society. She is a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes of the northern and southern bands of the Snpʕwílx (Okanogan) People, located in the occupied territories of the state of Washington and Canada. Sovereign is a descendant of the last Matriarch of the Snpʕwílx People, Que-Petsa. Que-Petsa was the first to encounter Lewis and Clark on their expedition through the Northwest. Sovereign believes we have all been colonized, we all have Indigenous roots somewhere, and all our suffering is interconnected.

Eva Grace Ingram, daughter of Robin Wyant, and Allen Ingram. Granddaughter of Fred and Betty Wyant of Niobrara Nebraska Santee nation. Owner of Two Spirit Media.

Olivia Hart, MPA Tribal Governance, Choctaw

Dakota Case, Puyallup Nation waterwarriors movement

Hexing the Patriarchy: the first hex is within

Society is contrived on a variety of ideals, some laudable, many
unnecessarily structurally oppressive. Both oppressions and benefits from
dominant cultural paradigms may be internalized by individuals. The
result leading to an identity of victimhood or an identity of entitlement.

Witches have neither identify. Witches act to create, to bend, to shape,
to grow, to cull and to cut. We stand integrated between the worlds.

The word hex is related to the German word Hexe meaning “witch.” Let us
witch up our internal landscape to banish outmoded patriarchal notions
such as prescribed gender roles, value based on stereotype, and false
natural hierarchy. As a result, we will have improved integrity, be more
congruent, more healthy, and stronger.

Join us as we invoke the Goddess Diana to aid us in our magic, and inspire
us to adopt the role of Aradia in our own time.

Dreams Among the Ruins: Building Resilient Polytheist Communities

09LowResTimes of crisis are also times of great opportunity for those who are prepared and have the will to act. Many of us, however, face this time of great change feeling unprepared, anxious, despairing, or constantly on guard against the next assault. As the status quo crumbles around us, we can draw upon our practices and communities to nurture the world we desire.

In this workshop, we will discuss how we can root into our practices and relationships to build strong, resilient, liberatory communities in deep relationship to our Gods. We will focus on identifying material needs and resources, unifying practices, and aligning our human work with that of our Gods.

Advancing Devotional Practice

Devotional practice in polytheism typically begins at the altar, but where does it end? Where exactly does this path have the potential to lead? Advancing a devotional practice past the first few years takes a lot of dedication. Questions are an inevitable part of practices that become increasingly challenging to clearly define.

This session will take a close look at some of the trials and triumphs associated with long term devotional practice in a modern polytheist context. By identifying these challenges, we can start demystifying the nature of the devotional path and make it more accessible to all practitioners. This guided discussion is an opportunity to discover strategies that can us address the unexpected obstacles arising on this path.

(Discussion participation is encouraged, but not required. To promote a trusting atmosphere, we ask that attendees arrive no later than five minutes after start; participants may leave quietly at any time.)

Hekate at the Crossroads: A Meeting of Mind & Movement

In honor of the goddess Hekate, we shall meet at the Crossroads, engaging in a ritual that combines live music, sacred dance, and embodied movement to allow us to see where we have come from, where we are at, and where we are going- individually and as a community. You will be welcomed to participate at your own level of comfort, no dance or ritual experience necessary.

Under Her Grim Banner: an exploration of Unseelie Identity

I will first share my experiences in a Radical Fairy community over 3 years, and discuss some of the problems that came up. I used Scottish fairy lore to try to understand my experiences, and was amazed at how the lore lined up to those experiences. I want to then discuss the difference between ‘seelie’ and ‘unseelie’ courts both as a way to better understand radical fairies and a way to forge a new, more inclusive understanding of what ‘radical fairy’ can mean. I also want to make an altar to Nicneven, the Unseelie Queen, and incorporate that into the workshop, and discuss how rejecting the ‘negative’ aspects of the spirit world can cause harm. The hope is that those radical fairies who feel they are too pessimistic, solitary, misanthropic, or ‘negative’ for Radical fairy gatherings will have a greater sense of belonging and self knowledge.

Embodied Practice and Devotion: a Discussion

This is a facilitated discussion on embodied polytheist devotional practice including dance, martial arts, yoga, and sexuality. Attendees will bring their experiences and questions.

Three Tales of Devotion

13620334_1785373295029576_2836889039588679742_nHindu religious traditions celebrate the lives of saints that continue to inspire us to this very day. This session brings together the timeless stories of Sri Andal, Akka Mahadevi, and Mirabai – three women who challenged religious and social conventions in order to pursue unique devotional paths of spiritual exploration.

These stories offer rich inspiration to modern devotional practitioners, especially women, who navigate spiritual paths that resist simple categorization. Examining nuanced devotional relationships as sympathetic religious practitioners might help us make sense of these complex narratives; these stories of passion, bravery, and singular dedication can share considerable wisdom with worshipers today.

Known today as some of India’s most beloved poets, these women continue to raise questions among believers even as they are celebrated as saints, reformers, and even goddesses. Join us to share stories rarely heard in modern polytheism.