Advancing Devotional Practice

Silence Maestas

Devotional practice in polytheism typically begins at the altar, but where does it end? Where exactly does this path have the potential to lead? Advancing a devotional practice past the first few years takes a lot of dedication. Questions are an inevitable part of practices that become increasingly challenging to clearly define.

This session will take a close look at some of the trials and triumphs associated with long term devotional practice in a modern polytheist context. By identifying these challenges, we can start demystifying the nature of the devotional path and make it more accessible to all practitioners. This guided discussion is an opportunity to discover strategies that can us address the unexpected obstacles arising on this path.

(Discussion participation is encouraged, but not required. To promote a trusting atmosphere, we ask that attendees arrive no later than five minutes after start; participants may leave quietly at any time.)

Saturday August 5th, 2017 - 2:00pm

About Silence Maestas

Silence Maestas is an author, educator, and artist based in Salt Lake City and has presented at PantheaCon, Many Gods West, and regional gender- and sex-positivity conferences. Drawing on a background in witchcraft, bhakti devotionalism, Heathenry, and spirit work, Silence aims to empower people through information and experience. Recent works include an article for Witches & Pagans Winter 2016 and Worshiping Loki: A Short Introduction.