Beyond Blood: Honoring Ancestors of Spirit

L. Phaedrus

Not everyone can honor their blood ancestors, not everyone wants to. For some of us, the best way we have to honor them is not to engage with them at all. Some people want to expand their ancestor practice beyond their familial dead. For we are more than our blood.

From our religious predecessors to those lost to the AIDS crisis, there are many dead we might connect to without a blood tie. Come explore the varied connections to similarly varied sets dead, and ways to build those into a solid practice. We’ll examine how the basics of ancestor work apply without blood ties, and some of the many ways to build that practice with our ancestors of spirit. We’ll discuss the added risks, collective pain, and concerns that come with working outside of bloodlines. There can be so much healing and joy found in our families of spirit.

Saturday August 5th, 2017 - 7:00pm

About L. Phaedrus

L. Phaedrus is a trans, genderfluid, queer polytheist and spirit worker living in New England. They work with a range of Gods and Spirits, though much of their practice is focused on anonymous Beings, their dead, Spirits of travel, and the local city. L. Phaedrus is a diviner, energy worker, and all around geek. They are also full of snark and obliviousness. This will be their third year presenting at Many Gods West. You can find L. Phaedrus on their blog: