Kali Puja

Chandra Alexandre & SHARANYA

We offer our worship to Goddess Kali in Her myriad forms, including those as She is expressed through the world’s various traditions that honor the Dark Goddess, the one who holds the wisdom of the full spectrum of human beingness in Her embrace. Puja is open to all and no experience is required to participate.

Saturday August 5th, 2017 - 9:00pm

About Chandra Alexandre & SHARANYA

SHARANYA is a unique 501(c)(3) religious organization and Devi Mandir (goddess temple) evolving Śākta Tantra from ancient roots to serve those who seek to know the Divine beyond the boundaries of geography and religious dogma. With an authentic lineage in embodied, goddess-centered tradition as birthed in northeastern India and contextualized for today, ours is path of strengthening oneself to employ spiritual technologies in service to personal transformation and social justice.