When They come courting: Spirit marriage and related relationships

Fjothr Lokakvan

A presentation on spirit marriage, godspousery, and similar relationships, in two parts. First, I will present examples of such relationships from numerous cultures past and present, drawing on myth, folklore, and contemporary traditions. Secondly, I will provide an overview of experiences of modern consorts, lovers, and spouses of gods and other spirits, focusing primarily on relationships with gods, as those typically get the most attention and draw the most controversy. In this part I will also debunk some misconceptions, discuss struggles people have in those relationships, including problems within the pagan community, and address cultural biases contributing to the problems.

Sunday August 6th, 2017 - 9:00am

About Fjothr Lokakvan

Fjothr Lokakvan is an environmentalist, Lokean, animist, and polyamorous godspouse/spirit spouse. A heavily Norse-oriented polytheist, her spiritual practices are focused on her Spouses and relationships with the regional Powers and other beings of the land, including plants. The plants are also a Big Deal. She keeps many houseplants, spends lots of time on Tumblr, and is inordinately fond of birds. She also writes sporadically at fjothr.wordpress.com and Gods & Radicals.